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The Essential: Six Steps To Cleaning Wig and The Tools Needed

The Essential: Six Steps To Cleaning Wig and The Tools Needed

In order to keep your wig beautiful all the time, you need to clean and care for it on a regular basis. We'll introduce you how to clean a wig and the tools you need to use. Here are six steps to cleaning your wig, which you should follow. Please follow us to see the detailed content!

Step 1: Combing Wig

You need to comb your wig to make it no tangle before washing. Comb  the end gently, then the middle, finally the top, so as to remove dirt and dust left in the wig. You’d better comb your wig gently, preferably with a steel comb, which will reduce the damage caused by static electricity. It should be noted that if your wig is curly, in addition to the straight part on the top of the head, youd better use hands to do up the other place with a degree of curl, instead of a comb.


Step 2: Washing Wig

When you are cleaning your wig, you should let it soak in the warm water for about 10 minutes, which can achieve a very good cleaning effect. And the time should not be too long, otherwise the hair will easy to shedding. Then, gently rinse it with your hands and apply some shampoo to make it cleaner and work with the conditioner to make the wig smoother, softer and more shiny.


Step 3: Rinse Off  Wig

After using the shampoo and conditioner, in order to rinse off your wig, you need to change a basin of water and wash the rest of the shampoo and conditioner. Just to remind you, once again don't scrub the wig hard. Just use your hands to gently massage your wig and rinse it out.


Step 4: Wiping Wig

After washing, you'd better gently shake off the water in the wig. Then you need to spread 2 to 3 dry towels flat on the table, place the wig neatly on these towels, and dry it by pressing, not rubbing. Repeat the step until there is no excess water.


Step 5: Drying Wig

Keep it in a cool, well-ventilated place to avoid damage from sun exposure. Place the wig on a head mannequin in the shade and let it air dry naturally. In the meantime, we’d better not touch it. Wouldn't that be too much trouble? Wouldn't the hair dryer be faster? Forget to remind, for freshly washed wigs, do not use a hair dryer such as high temperature air drying method so as to avoid hair loss, and it's best to dry your hair naturally.



Step 6: Saving Wig

Once the wig has dried to 90%, you'll need to gently grab a handful of hair with your hand, then use steal comb to smooth the top of the wig. For wigs that do not need to be worn often, a little hair oil should also be sprayed. When waiting for the wig to be dried completely, we can spray it with the hair spray to make your wig more beautiful if necessary. Whats more, you need to cover the washed wig with a hair net, put in the plastic bag with good permeability but seal , and put it in dry place to save.


The Needed Tools

Next we'll introduce you to the tools that you needed to clean your wig. To clean a wig, you need a steel comb, shampoo, conditioner, head mannequin, hair spray, and some towels, all of which are important tools. You need to have all these tools ready in advance before washing your wig. Only when we take good care of our wigs can we keep them charming all the time! So please take good care of our wigs!

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