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Late Autumn Welfare

Late Autumn Welfare——How To Match Hair Style With Clothes

Autumn is coming to an end. The weather is getting colder and colder, but it still can’t stop people’s enthusiasm for the festival. For the upcoming cold weather, are you still entangled in what clothes and wigs to buy and how to match them? If you haven’t made a choice yet, take a look at our suggestions for you.

Plaid suit + Half skirt + Loose Deep Wig

 loose deep

The most popular in this season is this plaid suit + half skirt + loose deep wave. The illusion of " long legs" brought by the short half skirt makes you fascinated and elegant. Especially when you wear a white T-shirt inside. Using a simple white T-shirt as a base layer, it can easily neutralize the coolness brought by the shoulder pads of the suit jacket without making people feel distant. Not only is it voguish, it also take years off you. The matching of short skirts and fashionable plaid suits is not exaggerated, and demonstrates our personal demeanor. We can matched it with a pair of short boots, which can stretch the ratio and make the whole looking better.

The hairstyle of loose deep wave is the icing on the cake. Loose deep wave makes people look more elegant, fascinating, the fluffy hair adds a dynamic flavor. What's more, fluffy and soft hairstyle makes the hair volume look fuller.

The hairstyle without bangs presents facial features. When the breeze blows, romantic curls float freely in the wind, the whole body exudes the sexy feminine.



Shirts + Pleated Skirts + Straight Wig


Late autumn is here, this is the season exclusively belong to match shirts with pleated skirts. The firm shape of the shirt and the dancing hemline of the pleated skirt create a strong contrast feeling from the upper and lower parts.Shirts are often labeled as "commute" and "workplace", there's a strong sense of solemnity. However, the combination with pleated skirts can weaken the sense of seriousness a lot and make people look more casual and elegant. For the same shirt matching with a pleated skirt, knotted it or tied it into the pleated skirt can present two completely different styles.

With a simple straight hair style, it can easily highlight the temperament and capture the hearts of the people. Straight hair is not only the most natural hairstyle for girls, but also the number one among boys’ favorite hairstyles for girls! As well the half bun with no bangs is a preference style for girls. The flowing long straight hair will make girls look charming and stunning. It is the best hairstyle for a goddess. The match of this kind of hairstyle and clothing will give full play to the casual feeling, and the well-designed bag can light up the overall shape.

After reading these, have you already heartbeat? Discount season is coming, enter the store, choose your favorite wig hairstyle, more discounts are waiting for you. Spend the least money to show the most beautiful self.



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