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How To Get Christmas Party Hairstyles - Sdamey

How To Get Christmas Party Hairstyles

Christmas is coming soon, it's time to create a Christmas party hairstyle. Christmas is the most suitable festival for a new hairstyle in the year. We have carefully selected some super amazing Christmas party hairstyles for you to try.

1、Loose Wave Wig+Half-Bun

 Loose Wave Wig makes people look very mature, very suitable for light mature women. The middle part shows your delicate face, the loose waves show a lazy and casual temperament, and the half-bun will make you more attractive.

Half-bun is half of the wig combed into balls and half scattered, so it is called half-bun. It is an upgraded version of the Bun. Half Bun has been popular throughout the fashion circle since this summer. Whether it is a celebrity or a fashion blogger, they have chosen this hairstyle. It is simple and beautiful, making women look younger.

Steps to tie hair:

① Comb the wig gently, separate a bunch of equal amounts of the wig on each side, turn it together in the back of the head, and then tie a knot.

② Hide the end of the wig behind the knots, fixed with a hairpin, and the half bun is completed.


2、Body Wave+Bohemian Braids

In a festive festival like Christmas, body wave wig hairstyles that can match various styles are the most popular in women, and it is a nice choice to tie body wave wig into bohemian braids.

Steps to tie hair:

①  Braid your wig along the hairline and then pull out a strand of hair wig behind the neck to make another braid.

② Pull the first braid into the remaining wig and tie it into a low ponytail. When winding your hair tie, don't pull out all the hair in the last lap. Take out a bun.

③ Wrap the second braid around the bun in circular motions, and finally fix the wig ends behind the bun.


3、Straight Wig+Ponytail

Straight hairstyles make people look very natural and youthful. Tie into a high ponytail to make them look cleaner and more elegant. For girls with lower height, this style can balance the proportions and look higher. Although wearing a turtleneck sweater and jacket, will not worry about your neck is short. The high ponytail looks very energetic. This kind of hairstyle also brings some passion for the cold winter.

Steps to tie hair:

①  Use your fingers to comb the wig, concentrate all the hair on the lower part of the head, and tie it into a high ponytail.

②  Remember, the key point of this hairstyle is the marks that have been combed by the fingers. After the wig was tied, loosen the wig on the top of the head by hand, pulling a small strand each time, interspersed and adjusted little by little.

In winter when you don’t have time to wash your hair, sprinkle a little dry-cleaning spray on the roots of your hair and get a ponytail to go out. No matter how bad the weather is!


The above are three recommended hairstyles for everyone. There are many more versatile hairstyles. Only you can't think of them. There are none you can't find. Do you want to be more eye-catching in the crowd? Want to get more hairstyles easily? Enter our shop to buy it.


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