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6 Precautions For Dyeing Your Hair

6 Precautions For Dyeing Your Hair

When we’re browsing the fashion platforms, We've noticed that most of those fashionistas have colored hair, which makes them look very special. As the colorful hair goes with their outfit, they look so charming. But their hair always done by a professional stylist, so is there anything cheap and practical for the general public like us? Dyeing your hair by yourself is actually a great option! But it’s a very important step, so that to make sure the end result is a color that we are happy with, we need to treat every single detail in a carefully way. In this article,we will show you a few things we need to considered when dyeing our own hair. Read on if you are interested.

1.Get a skin test before dyeing.

It is very important to have a skin test before dyeing, especially for people with a fragile skin. Our scalps are very delicate, but the dye contains a large number of synthetic compounds that directly contact with our skin, which may cause atopic dermatitis.Therefore, it is very necessary to apply a little dye directly behind the ear or on the wrist for testing. Because the skin in these two places is very thin, it can accurately detect the tolerance of the skin to the dye cream. Wait 15-30 minutes after applying, if there is no abnormality, you can proceed to the next step with confidence

2.You may need to bleach your hair

If your target hair color is dark, for example, brown, you can directly dye it with a dye cream. If your target hair color is light, such as, pink, purple, and blue, for best results, you need to bleach your hair at first. Bleaching hair is to use the chemical substances of decolorization to wash the melanin originally in his hair, in simple terms, replacing the natural pigments in your hair with artificial ones, which make it easier to show off your colors. And the chemical substances normally used is bleach powder and hydrogen peroxide water, which is very harmful to the hair.

3.Think about the color of your skin and eyes

It's important to take your skin tone and eye color into account before you dye your hair. You can choose your own hair color based on these factors. If you have a darker complexion, you can choose a cool hair color, like brown, and if you have a neutral complexion, you can choose a warm color, like burgundy. Choosing hair color that is similar to your skin and eye color is can accentuate your look.

4.You need to apply color in section

When you start to dye your hair, you need to layer and subdivide your hair according to your own hair condition, applying color layer by layer. You need to pick up your hair with a clip and then put it down one layer at a time to colored it. Apply enough to each layer of hair dye to ensure that each layer is the same color, so you can avoid the problem of uneven color, which can achieve a better dyeing effect.

5.Take care of your hair

Maintenance is a very important thing, especially after bleaching and dyeing. And you need to do regular maintenance and care on your hair after dyeing. When washing hair in ordinary, for example, you can use some hair conditioner and essential oil to your hair, which can moisturize and maintain your hair and reduce the problem of dryness and tangle.

6.Your makeup may need a change.

After dyeing your hair, your style will be different compared with previous time, so your makeup style may not match with the new hair color, which you need to consider changing your makeup. Makeup that goes well with lighter hair can look very out of place with darker hair, which you need to apply a makeup matched with your hair color. So it is necessary to change your makeup.

But dyeing your hair is like a bottomless pit. After the new hair grows, you need to re-dye it. Dyeing & bleaching hair is bad for your hair, so a better way to achieve having charming colored hair without damaging hair is to consider buying a wig. Wig comes in a variety of colors and you can customize it to whatever color you want, so it is the best option to buy a wig. If you want to learn more about wigs of higher quality, you can click on the picture for more detail information!

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