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Homemade Conditioner Recipes - Sdamey

Homemade Conditioner Recipes

Every girl's dream is to have perfect hair, but hair is very fragile. In our living environment, cold or hot temperature, ultraviolet rays in the sun, etc.Will affect our hair quality. If we can't care carefully about our hair, our hair will become grumpy, the quality of our hair will become extremely fragile and easy to break and knot, which makes us have to choose hair care products to keep our hair smooth and shiny. Our first choice is a conditioner.


The function of a conditioner is to make hair moist and smooth. The surface layer of hair is called the hair scale. The denser the scale, the brighter the hair, the smoother the hair. After washing, the hair is removed, the scales will open, and the gap will increase, so that the hair will appear rough. Moreover, the hair also needs to contain a proper amount of water, but after the grease is washed off, the water conservation also drops, and the hair will be easily dry. After using the conditioner, these phenomena will have some changes. But the conditioner on the market is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Because the conditioner generally contains chemical substances, hair follicles open during hair washing, and the hair conditioner is applied to the hair roots, and the chemicals in it are easy to penetrate and block the hair follicles.


In sdamey, we found that we can use some ingredients to make hair conditioner. This conditioner without any chemical products will be healthier and cheaper than before. You can make these 8 kinds of conditioner according to your own preference and the food materials at hand. Remember that all these ingredients can be added or reduced as needed by the hair.


1. mango olive self-made hair protection film


Materials: one mango, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice.

Method: peel mango to remove the core, or mash the mango into a paste with a juicer. Add lemon juice into the mango mud, stir evenly.

Usage: After cleaning hair, dry hair with a towel, massage it to scalp and hair with mango mud. Wrap hot towel and wear a bathing cap. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Effect: Mango Rich in fatty acids with soft and nourishing characteristics. It is not as famous as cocoa butter or shea butter, but it has the same advantages. It nourishes, protects, moisturizes skin and hair, lemon is the most abundant source of vitamin C, and helps to make hair stronger and longer. Limonene in lemon gives curly hair and dry hair a luster.


2. Banana honey self-made hair cares film


Materials: 1 / 2 bananas, 1 teaspoon pure yogurt, 1/8 teaspoon egg scale fat (buy at the drugstore), a little milk, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon malt oil

Practice: Mix all materials in a blender and then pour into a bowl.

Usage: Before shampoo, put a towel around the neck (to catch the drop of liquid), brush the conditioner from top to bottom on wetland hair with an old hairbrush, and wash it off after 45 minutes, and then wash it with shampoo without using conditioner.

Advantages: banana is rich in potassium, which can increase the humidity and elasticity of hair. Yogurt and milk provide vitamins A and B to help potassium penetrate the hair. Honey and malt oil are moisturizing and nourishing.


3.Beer self-made hair care film


Raw material: Beer

Making method: directly acting on hair.

Usage: first wash and dry the hair, then apply the whole bottle of beer 1/8 evenly on the hair (if you are not afraid of waste, pour the whole beer into the basin and soak the hair for two or three minutes), then massage the scalp for several minutes to make the beer penetrate the root of the hair, and then wash the hair with water for 15 minutes, and then comb the hair with a wooden comb or horn comb to comb the hair smoothly.

Washing the hair with beer can not only promote hair growth, but also can stop itching, sterilization, and chip removal. And beer contains a lot of nutrients, so it will provide nutrition for our hair and head


4. Tomato olive self-made hair protection film


Materials: 1 tomato, 1 teaspoon olive oils, flour

Methods: mash the tomato, or beat the tomato into a paste with a juicer, add olive oil into the tomato mud, add a small amount of flour, mix it to the desired concentration, and stir evenly.

Usage: After cleaning hair, dry hair with a towel, massage it on scalp and hair with tomato mud. Wrap hot towel and wear a bathing cap. Rinse it with warm water after 15-20 minutes.

Effect: tomato conditioner can effectively improve the hair with low yellow and dark yellow, no luster, nourish the hair and remove the redundant smell of the hair.


5. Strawberry, VE, Milk hair mask


Materials: 5 strawberries (2 spoons strawberry jam), 2 ve capsules, half a cup of milk, and some wheat flours

Method: wash strawberry and remove the base, mash or mash it into the mud, then puncture ve capsule, squeeze ve capsule into strawberries paste, then pour in fresh milk slowly, stir evenly, add a proper amount of wheat flours to adjust the consistency of hair film.

Usage: After cleaning hair, dry hair with the towel, massage strawberry mud on scalp and hair. Then wrap the hair with a hot towel. After 10 to 15 minutes, wash the hair with shampoo and normal procedures.

Effect: Strawberry contains rich folic acid, tannin acid, vitamin B5 and B6. These substances are nutrients needed by the human body, which can help prevent hair thinning and falling off. Strawberries are rich in minerals such as magnesium and copper, which help prevent fungal growth and dandruff.


6. eggs, beer hair mask

 Materials: two eggs, one small bowl, the proper amount of olives, and proper beer.

First, we wash our hair with shampoo. It's OK to do the same as we do. Blow half dry.

And then we open the eggs we prepared in advance and put them in the bowl

Then we pour some olive oil in it, and the amount of it is related to the length of our hair, which is determined by the length of our hair.

Then we beat them up, mix them together, and then we'll have some beer in it and continue to mix well

Apply more to our hair, better apply more hair tail to every place, until it is almost dry.

At this time we go to wash down with water, wash clean, OK, will find hair smooth, shiny. Zero added. It's better for hair.

Effect: eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, and fatty acids that nourish hair. Eggs are a good solution to most hair problems. They are easy to buy and cheap. They are natural conditioner, edible and external. Eggs make hair strong, prevent hair loss, make it soft, and help hair grow. Protein is very suitable for hair care, and eggs contain enough protein. Yolk acts as an emulsifier that helps to stick to hair and penetrate scalp and hair follicles


7. make onion conditioner


Material: 1 fresh onion, moderate salt.

Method: peel the onion, wash and cut into small pieces, then put into a juicer to paste and add a little cold water, stir evenly. Then wrap onion paste with a thin cotton cloth, squeeze out the juice, add a proper amount of salt and stir evenly. Wash the hair with onion juice evenly on the scalp and hair for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse.

Effect: prostaglandin A in onion, as well as rich calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin C, carotene, niacin, diallyl disulfide and thiamine, are essential nutrients for hair. Onion conditioner can remove dandruff and eliminate itching of the scalp


8. Homemade orange skin conditioner is smooth and fragrant


Clean the skin of the fresh orange peel, heat with water until the water turns green. When the temperature is right, bring the shampoo.

Orange peel-rich organic acids, vitamin C, and essential oil components, after hot water immersion, will be decomposed into water. Hot water can make the hair follicle relax, clean the hair follicle and remove oil, promote the blood circulation of capillary under the skin, strengthen the nutrition absorption of hair follicles, which is beneficial to the development of hair follicles and hair growth. It plays the role of natural conditioner, making the hair smooth and smooth after washing, and also has a fragrance.


The correct use of hair conditioner


Conditioner is to tighten the scale of hair because after tightening, hair will not be easily damaged. Hair conditioner is not necessary to distinguish hair quality, all hair needs conditioner, but the correct method of using the conditioner has a great relationship with the effect after use.


After shampoo, use it on hair 5-8 cm away from the scalp, do not apply it to the hair root. Generally, gently rub for 1-3 minutes, and rinse with clean water. If you want to be more effective, try to wrap a fresh film on the hair that is coated with conditioner to nourish it further. The effect is softer and smoother than the former.


The use of hair conditioner in swimming


Before swimming, mix hair conditioner and water, apply it evenly to hair, and rinse slightly to form a protective film on the hair, or evenly coat hair with conditioner to fully isolate water containing chlorine and salt.


Most people don't want to give up the cool and comfortable moments after swimming, and they will choose to blow the wind leisurely. Don't forget to use the conditioner to do another care to protect your hair from the damage of wet air and the sun.

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