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Why Choose The 613 Blonde Wigs

613 blonde wigs are always popular with most women. It is an excellent choice for many women. Hair is always the key point in fashion, Someone says that “ Hair is the women’ second face ”, if you like multiple colors, you can choose a 613 blonde wig. For 613 wig, you can easily dye any color you are falling with.


What Are 613 Blonde Wigs

The 613 blonde wigs are made from 100% human hair, Sdamey hair offers two kinds of blonde wigs, including body wave 13*4 lace front wig and straight 13*4 lace front wig. With the type of 613 wigs, you can easily choose one that you like. Body wave wig can make you more charming, straight wig is suitable for work. If you have more time, you can buy a straight wig to style it curl. The body wave can save time. Besides, there is a unique kind of wig---13*1 T part 613 wig on the market, which can use the cheaper price and get the same effect on the edge area as the 13*4 lace front wig.


Why The 613 Blonde Wig Is Very Popular

Fashionable and charming. Hair is always can improve one’s appearance. Recently years 613 blonde wig become more and more popular among women. 613 blonde wig is a very beautiful wig, wearing it can make you more charming and fashionable.

Easy to dye. For most girls, their favorite hair color is constantly changing. So the 613 blonde wig meets this key point as well, if you want to change the hair color, you can dye it easily as you like, just need a few minutes, you will get the hairstyle you want. At the same time, you save money and time that you would have spent on dyeing the natural black hair.  


How To Put On Your 613 Blonde Wig

  • First of all, before you put the wig on, in order to make sure your hair lays flat under your wig, you can braid your hair into cornrows. Part your hair into small rows, and then start with the 3-strand braid at the start of each row, adding a little hair when you criss-cross the strands, braid the hair all the way to the end.To hind the end of the braids, We can choose to sew them in to the track, run two or three stitches through the end of the braid and the body of the braid beside it. Tie a knot, then cut off the excess string. This method can make the hair caps firmer. We can also use small rubber bands to finish
  • Second, put a wig cap on your head, apply glue from the forehead to the ear-to-ear three times. Use a hairdryer to quickly dry and then apply. Then use small scissors to cut the cap beside the ear. Cut off the excess along the edge of the hairline. You can sew the cap down with the base of your neck, to secure the cap make sure to pass the needle through one of your braids.
  • Third, put on the wig, hold the wig in both hands with the back of the wig facing you. Next,put the front of the wig against your forehead hairline and then put the wig on your head and adjust the hairline. And then cut a lace frontal to fit from ear-to-ear. Cut the lace along the edge of the lace frontal and cut away any excess with scissors. Using glue to secure the wig, apply the glue along the edge of the wig, release the edge, and press it into the adhesive gently.


In a word, 613 blonde wig is worth your choice, again, there is a promotion activity on 613 blonde wigs, what are you waiting for, come and choose your favorite style.

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