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Hello my Love, Welcome to Sdamey.

Why choose sdame hair

In recent years, more and more wig brands appear in the market, making it difficult for consumers to choose among so many wig brands. many buyers in market complain the hair they bought can't last, and the hair they spend on is not in line with the serious difference they see in the brand. The wig market also mixed with a large number of non professional suppliers, which makes the whole market smoldering and the quality of wigs is uneven.

Sdamey hair is a factory direct store owned by the wig factory for 20 years. It ensures that the price matches the quality of wig, pays attention to the sense of use and feedback of customers. It can customize any desired wig according to the needs of customers. It can be truly achieved for the customers, the urgent customers, adhering to the concept that the customer is God, and strive to achieve perfection in all aspects.

Sdamey hair always adheres to what you see is what you get. In order for consumers to get perfect hair, sdamey founders Linda and Jessica personally supervise and guide the selection, combination, modeling, packaging and delivery of raw materials to ensure that there are no mistakes in every process.

In recent years, sdamey hair has been gradually known by the public from unknown. It is the accumulation of sdame hair team step by step over the years. We always insist on letting the world see the power of women and let the world cheer for the beauty of women.

Therefore, sdame hair is determined to carry out research and development. We work with hairstyle experts and stylists around the world to develop and develop it. In addition, we will continue to improve and upgrade the products in combination with the customer experience effect. Finally, God affirmed our efforts, and years of research and development finally had results. We found that the best materials and technologies at present make wigs more natural and beautiful.

We believe that everyone should be proud of their beauty, no beauty that is not accepted, only beautiful eyes will not be found. We strive to inspire the confidence of our customers and make them believe that they are the most beautiful women, which is based on the professional knowledge of the licensed beautician. Only the best products at the same price can be displayed on our website, all of which have been strictly analyzed and evaluated to ensure that we can provide the highest quality.


Sdamey's vision

Sdamey hair provides the highest quality hair products at the same price in the industry, constantly absorbs the opinions of experts and customers in the industry, and provides you with the best shopping experience and customer service.


Sdamey's task

As our slogan says, "Prince beauty secret", there is no doubt that the world can cheer your beauty!


Sdamey's faith

Sdamey always insists on product quality and customer experience, which is the key to trust us. Sdamey team adheres to the concept of customer first, insists on continuously improving and improving itself from the most fundamental product quality and customer service. We firmly believe that this is the right way.


Sdamey's future goals

  1. open the entity store of sdamey brand to every place where sdamey wig is required!
  2. Enhance our billing systems with credit card payment and PayPal express payment. Remove any payment obstacles and guarantee a safer payment experience.
  3. Set up a VIP system which can be shared between the online and offline stores.
  4. More friendly account interface. Add detailed and dynamic tracking information for every order.
  5. Create an affiliate program. We encourage you to make profits at the same time of being pretty.