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16 Tips To Find A Great Human Hair Vendor - Sdamey

16 Tips To Find A Great Human Hair Vendor

Are you looking for a hair vendor? Do you know how to find a hair vendor that meets your requirements?

Hair comes in different qualities, and there are multiple shortcuts a vendor can take. This makes the whole process more complex than it should be. In this post we’re trying to make you aware of some of these.


1) — Most of the hair on the market is processed hair. Contrary to some might believe, some of this is both affordable and nice quality.

2) — Over 90% of suppliers claim to sell Virgin Hair. Only 1 out of 100actually sell it. Most ‘virgin hair’ is processed hair.

3) — When hair gets strongly processed, it loses its elasticity and therefore breaks easily. Mildly processed hair can be of nice quality, and has preserved elasticity, Please understand and treat your wig gently.No matter how good your hair is, if you can't treat it gently, it will become very bad. If you can't care for it, please go to a professional.

4) — Lace products are in low supply until North Korea opens the borders. Many lengths / textures out of stock already for most suppliers. They’re a lot cheaper to make in North Korea than in China. China-tied ones will be expensive.

PS: The price of hair products will also be higher due to the more stringent examination of Chinese Customs recently

5) — HD Lace is out of stock. 99% won’t have it.  Most of  these vendors are selling Transparent Lace or Light Brown Lace Calling It HD LACE. Or will have extreme high prices. If a supplier claims that they have it, have a video check with them first and confirm.

6) — When will they open the borders? No one knows yet. My expectation: Months later.

7) — It’s not just about the price. Hair can always be cheaper (but at a cost of reduced quality). Looking for a vendor should be about finding the best quality which fits into your expected price range. Because cheaper hair often means worse quality. You don't get good quality and full hair at a very low price.

8) — Bundles with closure & Frontal is not necessarily cheaper than Wigs

9) — Don’t just compare the price between suppliers. The price difference is probably there for some reasons: ① Hair Quality;   ②Is it the true length?   ③ Hair Grade;   ④In the case of the same length and density: No Lace<Lace Closure<13X4 Lace Front <13x6 Lace Front<360 Lace Frontal<Full Lace.ect. Sdamey Hair Provide True Length and good quality Hair.

PS:Each brand has different definitions of different density, so density cannot be used as a general comparison standard

10) — Full Lace Wigs are very very Expensive Now, and the quality is not necessarily good. Don't dream that you can get a full lace wig at a lower price before North Korea open the borders.

11) — Measure the length of the hair. Supplier A’s 20” hair might only be 18, while supplier B’s 20” hair could be close to 22”

12) — Short hairs get added in bundles. Less short hair = full bundles = higher prices.

13) — “Hair Factory” is mostly used as a marketing label. It doesn’t mean that their profit margin is small when selling directly to clients. Many suppliers who claim to be a factory, aren’t. Sdamey Hair Has their Own Hair Factory.

14) — XuChang has hair factories. If you’re looking for a hair vendor which is also a factory, you can try to find Vendor in this city.They may have a lower price, but it doesn't mean you can get good hair at a lower price. For the reason, please refer to tip 7 & 9

15) — Brazilian/Peruvian/Malaysian hair are generally marketing labels. They don’t have the population/ hair collection culture to support massive export. If your Chinese supplier is offering them, they’re 99% certainly lying to you.

16) — Despite sometimes appearing to be a sales robot, your vendor is a human being, living in a different. Mostly they will want to make sales and try their best to reply you at their earliest convenience. But you always understand that they are also people, because of different times, they also need to eat and sleep. Please wait patiently for their reply


So looking for a hair vendor?

We have good quality hair you could find in China.

Bold claim, can be verified by ordering a sample.


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