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How to fixed damage hair

A good quality human hair wig is more realistic and natural than a synthetic wig, but it also requires more care and attention. With the loss of moisture, human hair wigs may become dry and frizzy at the end part after a period of time, and many people do not know how to solve this problem. Directly purchase a new wig is a waste in a sense. It is very important to learn how to take care of your wig and repair damaged wigs. Want to help your wig to regain its life? Read on if you're interested!




*Petal Brush

*Wide Tooth Comb

*Smooth & Silky Shampoo

*Smooth & Silky Conditioner

*Freeze ease Serum

*Hair Oil

Jig Bleach liquid & cup (Not Necessary)


Before Washing

Before washing your hair, we need to smooth it out with a wide-tooth comb and comb out any knots at the roots. Make sure you combed it gently. After that, you can also choose to use bleaching liquid. This step is not necessary, basically according to your personal needs.

Prepare a basin of boiled water, put in half of a cup of bleaching liquid. Place combed hair into the liquid, making sure the wig is dully covered. This step will more thoroughly clean off any stubborn stains, including glue, that may be attached to the wig. This method is simple and quick, but be sure to pay attention to the soaking time. Generally speaking, 8-10 minutes is enough, stay too long will damage the wig.

After ten minutes, use running water to rinse the wig, be sure to rinse off the wig thoroughly to ensure that all the liquid containing hair bleaching ingredients are gone.



When washing the wig it is more recommended to use lukewarm water or cool water. There are two ways to wash hair, we can choose to add shampoo to the water and leave the hair in for a while, or we can also squeeze the shampoo directly on the hair after wetting it. Please note that you must not scrub your hair. Hair is not a sock or underwear, put flat the wig and just rub your hand over it. Repeat the washing process if you have the patience. Don't forget to wash the lace part of the wig, you can gently wash off the glue attached to the lace.


Deep Condition

Deep condition is a crucial part of the hair repaired process, and it cannot be ignored or coped with. Choose a suitable conditioner and apply it liberally to your hair. Don't be stingy about the amount of conditioner, a small amount of conditioner just useless. Gently massage your hair with your hands to apply the conditioner evenly, every single strand of hair should be covered with the conditioner.

We can also use a petal brush to gently comb through your hair, which can avoid further tangle. The petal brush takes away excess conditioner from the hair strands and brings it to the untouched strands, which also helps us to apply the conditioner more evenly.

The next step, wait. Yes, wait patiently. So make sure you leave enough time before conditioning your hair. Because human hair wig is easily dehydrated after losing its natural supply of nutrients, this is the reason why hair becomes dry and frizzy. Give your hair enough time to absorb the nutrients in the conditioner, at least a few hours, and if there is enough time, staying overnight is best. The next step is simple, after rinsing out the conditioner and drying with a clean towel, you can apply a layer of hair oil to further lock in moisture. Always air dry the hair instead of blow dry, so that you do not let your efforts go to waste!


Virgin hair is quite pricy and requires more care than other wigs. Learning to restore used wigs can extend the life of your wig and save you a lot of money. Have you got a new skill? If you are interested in long lasting human virgin hair, Click here get more details information!

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