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Synthetic Hair VS Human Hair

Synthetic Hair VS Human Hair

The material of hairpiece can be divided into two kinds, one is synthetic hair, the other kind is human hair. The wig on the market also has a lot of material. Different materials have some difference in price and using. So which is better, synthetic hair or human hair?


The Difference between Synthetic Hair and Human Hair



From the surface, synthetic hair are noticeably more rigid. The shine of synthetic hair under the lights is so strange that we can easily distinguish it from real hair. But human hair looks like our own hair and has a natural reflection when exposed to light.

Generally speaking, the scalp part of synthetic hair appears very inflexible, we can easily know what the raw material it is. Human hair worth hundreds of dollars are hand-made and the hair seems to grow directly from the scalp. It makes human hair more natural just like your own hair.


Synthetic hair feels a little stiff, very dry, there is no elasticity and a feeling of rough. 

Human hair when you touch it, you can quickly guess that is real human hair, and its hair quality is very good and its feeling is quite smooth, elastic, and even watery.




Synthetic hair is not real hair, so hair quality is poorer than human hair. When you comb your hair, it gets knotted in the middle and it's easy to lose hair so you may need more effort. After wearing it for a few times, it becomes very hairy and difficult to manage.

Human hair is fluffy, and there is a world of difference between a good wig and a bad one. Hair like virgin hair its hair quality is pretty good, smooth and combing hair is a piece of cake. When you wear human hair, it’s tangle free and easy to take care of.



The production process of synthetic hair is basically a poor mechanized process. Most synthetic hair is to use thick bangs to cover the natural hairline. The material is stiff, so it is not very comfortable to wear, especially the part of the simulated human scalp which is pasted with a thick layer of glue, has a bad feeling and the air permeability is not very good.


5.Methods of Identification

The most common way to tell whether it's synthetic hair or human hair is to cut off a strand of hair and burn it on fire. After human hair and synthetic hair burned, the smell and state of the two are completely different.

Human hair will become powder after burning, it will be gone when you knead in the hands to rub.

Synthetic hair will shrink into a group of black bumps, very hard, and the smell is also very smelly just like the smell of burning plastic.




 The life of human hair is 1-2 years commonly. If you can wear several different hair in turn, this can extend the life. Instead, the lifespan of synthetic hair may be about 1 year. But if you don’t take good care of it when using it, its lifespan may be shortened.




 1.Synthetic hair

It is made of synthetic fibers and can be subdivided into three types: low temperature, high temperature and protein. 

Low temperature silk: It can be set at a low temperature of 80-85 degrees, it is the best material for low-grade wigs. The weakness is that it's flammable.

High temperature silk: it can be used to make curly hair; high temperature silk can be kept under 180 degrees without deformation.

The protein silk: It is the most close to human hair, often used in high-grade wig products. Not only it can resist high temperature but also have features in automatic flame retardant. It can be used to make various types of wigs.


2.Human hair

The best raw material of human hair is directly cut from young donor. Its features are realistic and natural and it is tangle free. It can also be washed, dyed and permed  and it can change hair style easily. But such kind of wigs are generally more expensive and have a higher requirement on hair care.


Non-remy hair is hair that cuticle not aligned, hair pieces are upside down & disordered

Remy hair is to show the hair cuticles on the same direction. All the hair pieces are  not upside down or disordered.

Virgin hair generally refers to the hair which is directly cut from young donor, also known as original hair.



After the comparison of two kinds of material in types and other aspects, we find that human hair is better than synthetic hair overall. However, this is not absolutely true. The most important thing is to choose the right hair for yourself according to your needs. By contrast, more people are opting for natural and comfortable human hair although the price is higher. If you don't care about the comfortableness and prefer variety of styles, you can choose synthetic hair.
No matter what type of hair, you can have a try. Perhaps you can see a different version of yourself.

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