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AUTUMN FASHION | Have you caught the trendy wigs this fall? - Sdamey

AUTUMN FASHION | Have you caught the trendy wigs this fall?

Autumn is here, have you decided what hairstyle you're going to slay with? 2020 is a little different from previous years, the mood of the year is anxiety, tension. But 2020 also can be the same compare with any other year, even we still faced with the pressures places on people and the planet, it has also reinforced that most basic tenet: at its best, fashion can decorate your day, inspiring and edifying in equal measure.


Autumn is not as hot as summer, it delivers more romance, elegance. If the best thing for summer is a bob, then the best thing for fall is a fluffy, voluminous and romantic water wave wig.

Look 1

Suit Jacket + Water Wave Wig = White Collar Woman


A crisp suit with a loose pants or pleated skirt,This look is perfect for the stylish office lady, simple but not easy.

Suits are an indispensable item for fall, and I'm sure every office lady has one in her wardrobe! You can add an extra silk scarf as an accent for style and warmth. Silky Scarves are an important element of fall fashion and it can be an icing on the cake.

Water wave wig actually is the most autumnal wig of all, its an age-appropriate wig, because it is fashionable, casual but can reflect the elegance. Water wave adjusts the formal feel of the suit, giving it a more coordinated look..

 Look 2

Hoodie+ Water Wave Wig = Sporty girl



Look 2 more suitable for younger girls, vibrant and energetic.

A hoodie is a versatile piece that is great for layering up dressing during the fall and winter months. The hoodie is also suitable for many occasions and even works well with a suit! Hoodie is generally relatively loose, so we can continue to choose Water Wave Wig to match it. Because the upper body wearing a sweater visually presents a loose effect, and the fluffy water wave wig can make the overall look more coordinated, visually neutralize the shortcomings, and appear to be less top-heavy. The sporty look is actually best suited for a high ponytail. A water wave wig can also create a fluffy, lazy ponytail that looks more lively than a ponytail with straight hair.


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Look 3

Coat + Straight Wig = Slay Queen



look3 is more minimalist and capable than other look.

This set of matching does not have that high requirement for a single product. Any long trench coat that suits your height can be perfectly matched with straight hair. Especially the combination of long straight hair can reflect a kind of extravagance. Straight hair has always been loved by beauties because it can fit almost all collocations. When you don’t know which wig to use, you can never go wrong with straight hair. Different look with straight hair will have different feelings, but in the personal opinion of the editor, long straight hair itself exudes a sense of nobleness, slay audience's sense of sight. Which can easily slay everyone. Some people are also very fond of working on their jewelry, and in 2020 diamond hair bands can be a hit! Whether you like to dress in the style of a princess or a queen, the diamond hair band will not look awkward and will definitely help you mix and match.


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