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Tips For Every Day Wig Wearing (Part I)

Tips For Every Day Wig Wearing (Part I)

Do you like wearing wigs? Lace wigs have become more and more people's choice, there are many smart tips about wigs, do you know that? How to bleach the knot correctly and quickly? What is the ratio like? If you buy a wig head circumference does not suit you, is there any way to solve the problem? Some of the places that confuse you, will find the answer here, reading on!


  1. How to bleach knots?

When it comes to making wigs natural, there is one tip that many people know, and that is bleaching knots. But how to bleach it successfully and quickly? This is difficult for many people, lace wigs frontal and closure is the essence, we can not take the expensive wig as a test case. So it is very important to find the right ratio for bleaching knots. The things you need to prepare are bleaching powder & developer. 


Choose Right Product

Here I would recommend BW2 Bleaching Powder, for the developer I would Recommend 30 instead of 20 and 40. 20 developer it is not too easy to damage the hair and lace, is a very gentle choice, but also because of this, it is likely that you waiting for an hour, only to find that some of the knots are still not bleached to the desired color. 40 developer is not recommended for newcomers, its coloring speed is extremely fast, the damage to the hair is also relatively large, the technical requirements are very high if you are slow to finish the bleaching cream, the most of the beginning has been colored. Considering the above reasons, 30 developers is the most suitable. 


Ratio Control of Bleaching Cream

The ratio written on the general packaging is more suitable for bleaching hair, rather than our frontal and closure. If the liquid is watery, the liquid will leak down through the lace gap, and when it gets on the hair, it will become a problem! This hair block will be over bleached, which is not the effect we want. Therefore, when mixing the ratio, we must make sure that the mixed bleaching liquid is not easy to flow, it should be very thick. When we mixed well, the liquid should be stuck on the stirring rod and will not pour off. This state of the bleaching liquid is for our knot, this is very important, so just kept this in mind!


Apply the Bleaching Cream

The next step is to apply bleaching cream to the lace, the technique of this step is also particularly important and needs to be very gentle, you can take a plastic knife to help you. The most important thing is not to press down! We don’t wanna the cream to seep through and it will ruin your lace and there’s no going back. After applying evenly we can take out a piece of tin foil and place the side with the bleaching knots towards the tin foil to flatten it. Tinfoil can play the role of heating and insulation, can make knot heat dyeing evenly, generally wait for 35-45 minutes, and then you can clean it


Tips For Every Day Wig Wearing (Part I)


  1. How to fixed the over-bleached knot?

If you have over bleached knots, is there a way to save them? Yes, there are two ways to fix this problem.


 Option one, after you install the wig, use your black mascara to cover the over-bleach hair little by little, this way is super convenient and fast, It is only necessary to cover the part of the parting that has been over bleached, but it is clear that he is not a permanent solution.


Option two, We need a hair dye that matches the color of your wig as closely as possible, and then we also need a mascara brush or spoolie to help us. After mixing the dye, we need to partition the hair, and then go ahead take the spoolie to apply the dye to color the over-bleached hair. Make sure you do it lightly, we don’t want to put it down too hard and then that will cause the knots to dye back to black. Just take your time, don’t use too much hair dye because we don’t want it to seep through and sink. Just be patient, the final result will be really good!


Tips For Every Day Wig Wearing (Part I)


  1. What if the purchased wig hair cap does not fit?

The wig cap internal structure is the same, but there is a small part of the hair cap is always been ignored we make good use of it, the wig can be completely adjusted to the right size.

Make the wig cap smaller

There are two ways to make the wig cap smaller. The first is that we can install an elastic band with an elastic band on the wig cap, it must be with an adjustable one, so we can adjust the size according to the head circumference. In the installation of this elastic band will be firmly fixed on your head, will not make the wig easily fall off. 

The second way, we need to take advantage of this small accessory hidden in the hair cap, that is, stretching straps. Few people know to use stretching straps to adjust the size, but find it useless, if your head circumference is particularly small, you can try to hook the left straps to the right, hook the right to the left.

So that even if your head circumference is 21, you can have this wig adjusted to fit your size. 


Tips For Every Day Wig Wearing (Part I)


Make the wig cap bigger

Many people don't know that a normal hair cap can be stretched up to 23 inches. To make a wig cap bigger, don't forget to completely loosen the stretching band. Yes, loosen it completely, you can even cut it off, don't hook it anywhere, this will limit the stretching effect of the wig cap. If you still feel the cap is a little small after doing this, then we need a head mannequin that is as big as our head circumference or even bigger, (at least 23"), and then put it on the head mannequin for at least 24 hours. The cap of the wig is elastic and the long stretch gives extra space to the wig cap.


Those are the wig tips for this period! If you are interested, you can subscribe to us, we will bring you more wig Tips in the future.


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