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How to accessorize your wig?      Part I

How to accessorize your wig? Part I

We always want to change our look and always want to make a change in our hairstyle and create something fresh, but frequent wig changes are not friendly to our scalp health. Is there any way to achieve a different style of look without changing your hair? Accessories will have to play their magic at this time, just a headband, a hair clip, or a headband, you can easily change your look. These accessories can even help wigs achieve a truly natural look



Speaking of wigs we have to mention the particularly popular headband wig, it is super convenient, completely without the use of glue, can truly achieve a one-minute-install. You can take it off at any time, anywhere. The headband is the perfect partner for the headband wig. It can be changed at will and is available in a very wide range of colors to choose from. Headband wigs in my opinion are perfect to wear when traveling because it takes absolutely no time in dealing with lace and hairline details, and no worries about whether the wig will loosen and fall out due to the hot weather.

If it is a trip to the beach, we can decide the color of the headband according to the color of the bikini, so that the overall color has unified, very coordinated, you can also choose a bright blue as the highlight, blue will never go wrong when we go to the beach. Or we can choose a headband studded with pearls, it can greatly enhance the sense of atmosphere, wear it, you are the mermaid in the fairy tale.

 How to accessorize your wig?      Part I

Headbands are not just for headband wigs,t can also matching with other kinds of wigs and styling i. Now many girls tend to choose short hair, not only handsome but also fashionable, in daily life is also very clean and neat, this hairstyle is also can wear the headband, we can first comb the hair, the front of the two sides of the hair left a strand, this time we can use the headband from the position of the back of the head to wear, so than the hair scattered down, we only need to be slightly cleaned up The front two sides of the exposed hair, this time we can completely tuck behind the ears so that we can cover our hairline. If your wig has fringe on it, then you can also first wear it by the above method, this time we need to fix the headband in the bangs and the location of the back hair parting line, so fixed and then take care of the rest of the hair. With the headband on, we do not need to worry about whether our hairline is perfect. If you feel that the position is not right, you can adjust to their own satisfaction according to their face shape.

 How to accessorize your wig?      Part I

We like to wear headbands in addition to the decorative, beautiful role, for headbands warmth, fixed hair these skills, the role of different headbands are different, to give the overall feeling is also different, so we can choose a variety of headbands according to their own temperament and style if you choose the wrong headband may look very strange.



Hair Clip

Whether you have long or short hair, hair clips are very versatile, and there are more and more styles and types of hair clips, which can be very cute, simple and stylish, and also very cool. For example, butterfly hair clips, which are popular fashion trends on Instagram, can instantly make ordinary hairstyles special and make you look both stylish and lively. Diamond hair clips can enhance elegance, a charming big wave with a shiny hair clip, you are the most attractive in the crowd. Some special diamond hair clips are studded with letters on top to be able to express yourself in a personalized way. Simple hair cards in various colors are a great choice for a colorful summer. Don't look at it small, but it plays the function of all the essence.

In the hot summer, it is quite easy to break the dullness by choosing a neat but sweet bunhead and then pinned a colorful hairpin on one side as decoration. One of my favorite hairstyles is to decorate small hairpins around the bun, and it has been praised by many people!


Or you can also leave a small amount of slightly curly hair on the side of your ear, then pin a flower-shaped striped clip on the side of your head, with your charming dress together, the perfect combination of sexy and sweet is so simple. If you don't like to loose your hair, you can also braid it up. A simple braid may look boring, but a beautiful hair clip can give new life to the hairstyle. We can braid the front sides of the hair and decorate it with hairpins at a fixed distance so that it looks pretty and doesn't look messy. Or just gather the hair in front of the wig and weave or twist a few sections and secure them with clips and you have a fresh new hair looking now! 

There are many ways to decorate wigs other than hair ties and Clips, and we will give you details on how silk scarves and hats can be used as accessories to decorate our wigs in How to accessorize your wig?Part II

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