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Sdamey blog:Something You Need To Know About Split Ends

Something You Need To Know About Split Ends

Nowadays, as the demand for wigs is increasing, the production technology of wigs is more advanced. But the split ends of wigs still appears although the quality of wigs is getting better and better. Even the best wig is hard to avoid. In addition to insufficient nutrients and dry of hair, dye, curl, and flat wig are also the main causes of split ends.


This article will explain the knowledge of wig split ends from two parts:

  1. The cause of wig split ends
  2. How to deal with wig split ends


The Cause Of Wig Split Ends

Dye, curl, and flat wigs. In order to pursue different hairstyles in daily life, many people who love beauty often dye their curly hair or flat their wigs. Because the hair dye cream contains more chemical components, it will directly damage the original nutrition of the wig, resulting in hair dry and frizzy. Curling or flatting wigs are more harmful. We all know that curling or flatting hair requires some high-temperature special equipment to manage wigs, but it is easy to result in dry split ends.

Improper use of hair care products. When we go to shopping malls to buy shampoo, the shopping guide usually recommends products with strong cleaning power. The alkaline ingredients in these products are generally high, and they are also very irritating to wigs, so we must look at the ingredient list of the products when we shop.

Frequent use of hair dryers. Hairdryers are also very harmful to hair. When most people are drying their hair, to pursue the speed, the switches are adjusted to the maximum, but the hairdryer will dry our wigs while taking away the moisture in our wigs. When the moisture in the hair is lower at 10%, the hair will become very dry and rough. And it is easy to get split ends.



How To Deal With Split Ends

Trim the ends of split ends. If there are many splits in the wig, trim off those splits in time. If you don’t cut them, the surrounding moisture will be absorbed by them. Over a long time, there will be more split ends in this area. If you have patience, you can fix it yourself, cut off about 2 cm up the split ends. But it is best to let a hairdresser help you. If you do not trim it in time, those split ends will continue growing. Of course, this is not the most fundamental method. If normal care is not in place, the hair will still split ends。

Reduce the frequency of dyeing, curling, and flatting wigs. Frequently dyeing, curling, and flatting the wig will greatly damage the original quality of the wig. Reducing the frequency of split ends will extend the life of the wig and reduce the nutrition loss of the wig .

Use hair masks or hair oil. Just like a facial mask can be used to replenish moisture, hair masks can also be used to lock protein and prevent moisture loss, but you don't need to use a hair mask every time you wash your wig. It should probably be kept once a week or once every two weeks. After cleaning the wig, apply the hair mask or hair care oil to the wig, then wrap the wig with plastic wrap for 15-20 minutes, and finally clean it.

Avoid exposure to the sun. And use moisturizing spray. Strong ultraviolet radiation will cause a serious loss of moisture and nutrients to the wig. Spray some moisturizing spray before going out every time, which can replenish the wig's moisture in time and extend the service life of the wig.

Choose the right shampoo. When we choose shampoo, we should choose acidic and moisturizing shampoo as much as possible. This kind of shampoo is milder and less irritating to the hair, which helps to extend the life of the wig.

Do not use hair dryers. After washing the wig, please do not use a hairdryer to blow your hair frequently, as your wig may easily dry out. After washing the wig each time, first, wipe the wig with a dry towel until the wig does not drip, then let the wig dry naturally.

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The above shared some knowledge about wig with split ends for everyone. If you want to know more about wig knowledge, you can leave a message below or directly enter our shop to consult customer service. We will answer faithfully.

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