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Have You Got It- High Quality Lace Wig

If you are very familiar with wigs, then you must know that although lace wigs are really popular now, the best sellers on the market three years ago were lace closure and bundles. After a certain moment when the lace wig came out, it quickly exploded in popularity. Lace wig always very popular in the whole hair business line. The top part material of the wig is lace closure or a lace frontal. 


What are the advantages of lace wigs

Compared to the bundles + closure/frontal, the lace wig is relatively speaking convenient. Because skilled people can quickly install the wig themselves, rather than having to book a professional barber to do it for them. Also, it is more humane than the old way (sew directly on your own hair). Three years ago people may have endured the inconvenience caused by this method for the sake of beauty, but today's wigs meet women's pursuit of fashion while also meeting the need for comfort. Lace wigs are very suitable for the different parting style to expose the hairline and achieve various styles.

Lace wigs are not only more natural than bundles + closure/frontal but also more comfortable. The common lace on the market is Swiss lace, which can blend very well with the skin. But in order to make the wig more solid, ordinary Swiss wigs need to use glue when wearing, otherwise, the edge of the lace wig will curl up, it is easier to see with a wig.

But with the progress of technology, the type of lace is also increasing, the quality continues to improve, the market appeared transparent lace and HD lace, their lace is thinner especially HD lace, it can even achieve glueless, but of course the price will be higher, in the long run, the cost performance is not as high as the Swiss lace. No matter what kind of lace wig, as long as the installation techniques are good enough, lace can be perfectly integrated with the skin, so the installation skills are very important, the initial time spent maybe longer, but as long as you are skilled, 5 minutes can be perfectly installed wig.


Some Common Sense About Lace Wigs

The lace wig is the hair hooked on the lace net ( lace material is very thin, with some very small meshes evenly distributed, the common ones are Swiss lace and French lace). Usually, there is a stretch net on the top of the head, and different head sizes are applicable. What is more, all wigs are basically made of human hair. 


Lace wigs are usually fixed with glue and attached to the forehead hairline area. After the glue is dry, stick the lace part of the wig to the glued area to form a tight bond, and fix the lace wig on the head. Some lace wigs also have "baby hair" around the hairline, which can cover any visible signs of lace on the forehead and make the hairline more realistic and beautiful.


For all types of lace wigs, full lace wigs have the greatest versatility. The entire top of the full lace wig is lace. The lace front wig just has lace where the hairline is obvious, and the rest area is made of a non-fragile material. This material does not have a strong ability to withstand tearing comparing to lace. Full lace wigs can make the entire wigs have a natural hairline, and it is breathable. You can choose the middle or free part, and also choose different kinds of hairstyles.


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