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Good News! The Black Friday Promotion - Sdamey

Good News! The Black Friday Promotion

Alert! The Upcoming Black Friday.

 black friday

The annual Black Friday promotion day is coming soon. The Black Friday is our biggest promotion once a year. It is held in conjunction with Cyber Monday, so our promotion will end on October 30, which will last longer than last year. During this promotion, many of our wigs will be on sale, such as, fashion item--613 wig, 2020 new arrival--highlight wig, hottest wig--water wave wig, other products also have great discounts. Please pay attention to our website for get more information timely. During this promotion, we will adopt two promotion methods. Interested? Then read on!

Up To 70% Off With Extra Code


As the title says, our first promotion in this Black Friday sale is up to 70% off , and it can be stacked with the code. The codes are different for different products, but whatever you buy, it's free Shipping across the whole site! The more you buy, the more you save!

Wigs are actually the most worth buying product for Black Friday, because it will never cause waste. Why? Because different wigs are suitable for different places in our daily lives! For example, you may need a water wave wig when you attend graduation ceremonies; you may need a body wave wig when you’re getting engaged; you may need a highlight wig when you take part in parties, and so on. If you wearing different wigs attend these various important occasions, you can have different hairstyles. And those different hairstyles will make you look very attractive. So, if you want to achieve a versatile look and save money at the same time, buying our wigs at Black Friday is the way to go. What’s more, If you buy a wig on Black Friday, you have the chance to get extra gifts! Guess what it is!

Recommended Products: Water Wave Wig.

As the best-selling product on this site, water wave has received unanimous praise from everyone. The price on this Black Friday will be the lowest price of the year. In addition to the 50% discount on the product, you can also use the code to get another $30 off!

Buy One, Get Five Free Gifts

 5 gifts

The another promotion activity is that buy one get five free gifts. It means that if you buy one wig, you’ll get edge brush, cap, silky scarf, diamond headband, and 3D mink Lashes, these five free gifts. Edge brush is used to comb the baby hair, which can make our baby hair more natural. Cap is an essential item of wearing a wig. It is used to wrap our own hair before wearing a wig. Silky scarf is also a must-have item that you can make as an decoration when put it on your head or over your clothes. The diamond headband is a popular item these days, whether you're a princess or queen, you'll look flawless after wearing it. 3D mink eyelashes are one of the essential cosmetics we need, which can adorn our eyes, making our eyes bigger and more vibrant.

Recommended Products: Highlight Wig. 

The new product itself is the new product promotional price, and at the same time, it is superimposed with a 50% off site wide. Besides, you can also get a $30 off if you buy this wig. So it's arguably the most worthwhile product to buy as well as a water wig!



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