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How to accessorize your wig?   Part II

How to accessorize your wig? Part II

In the first article, We have introduced how to decorate our hair through small accessories such as clips and headbands, so that our hairstyle can be more diverse, in the following part we will introduce two new decorative helpers, which is, silk scarf and hat. Unlike hair clips and headbands, scarves and hats can completely shift the visual center of your wig, even if you are not skilled in wearing wigs, it will not look abrupt at all. How do we achieve this? If you are interested, then read on!


Hair Scarf

A silk scarf can be made into a dress, skirt, and so on. It can be said to be an essential item in the closet of gentle and sensible women, which can make us become elegant ladies with style. When a silk scarf becomes an accessory to decorate our hair, it can also bring us a different surprise. We can make a silk scarf into a headband, the size of the scarf will affect the length of the headband. This is a very simple way of folding and can give us a different style when we tie up our hair. 

 How to accessorize your wig?   Part II

When the scarf is small, we can put the folded scarf in the center at the back of the neck, the two ends up and around the ears, and tuck the hair inside, around the top of the head to tie the knot, or you can adjust the knot on one side. When the scarf is long, we can fold the scarf into a long band centered from the forehead down, both sides of the hair can be pinned behind the ears, the scarf pressed hair down around the bottom of the knot, the hair naturally spread down to cover the knot tied.

To make a monotonous braid more personal, you can fold a silk scarf into a long strip and tuck it into the hair bundle to create a braid with a natural loose effect for casual beauty. First, We need to tie a small part of the hair bundle at the top of the head with a rubber band. Then fold the scarf into a strip, fold it in half and tuck it into the middle of the bundle. Then just use the normal braid method, from the top of the hair on both sides of the head to start the sideburns braid, grab the silk scarf together while grabbing the middle part of the hair bundle. Finally, the end of the hair will be collected inward, if the scarf can not be completely included in the braid, can be tied at the end into a bow to finish the end.

 How to accessorize your wig?   Part II

In spring and summer, use a silk scarf as a headband to decorate your hair and create a very refreshing effect that will make you look more charming and exotic! You can enhance various hairstyle features such as ponytails, braids, etc. You can use one or two different scarves to make your hair brighter and more creative.



I believe that everyone has a hat, no matter what material or style it is. Because it is very convenient, both to help us block the direct sunlight, but also can complete our whole set of looking.

There are many kinds of common hats in the market. The baseball cap, perhaps the most common hat today, is especially a fashion essential for young people. Beanie is a knitted wool cap worn in winter. This kind of hat in addition to special warmth, but also can press pressure on disobedient hair. Beret, also known as the French round flat cap, most are wool, can be put flat, a little does not take up luggage space. The bucket hat is very suitable for high summertime installation, it has a round brim, can play a role in shading, It is worth mentioning that it is very breathable, even in the summer will not feel stuffy at all. Straw hat, always popular in summer, especially when we go to the beach. One kind of straw hat called boater, that is, flat top wicker straw hat, the original is men special wear, now also become many girls' favorite. Cowboy hat, friends who like western cowboy films must be familiar with it. This kind of hat with jeans is western style.


Nowadays, many customers buy wigs and do not use glue to install the lace wigs, but choose to simply cut the lace. This way of wearing is very friendly for people with sensitive scalp and can also protect our hairline. But only good quality lace can do a perfect fit on the scalp, the average ordinary lace wig if you do not use glue will certainly look very abrupt. The solution to this problem requires only a simple cap. Whether it is any of the hats described above, can easily help our wig to achieve a natural transformation. Hats not only help to hide your wide forehead, but they also add realism to your wig. Hats are also a good choice when you want to turn people's attention to your wig parting.


The everyday struggle of having something new in your look is difficult to handle. In particular, wigs come with their already made style & bounce. Unless you alter the hairstyle using curling iron or flat iron, it is almost impossible to get a new hairstyle out of it. Under such circumstances, you can give your wig a new look every time you wear it just by the way you accessorize it. All these accessories mentioned above are great inexpensive options to help you express your personality, burnish your look, and make you stand out. Hope you can get some easy ideas with hair accessories for the everyday usual and for some fun times as well! Stay tuned with Sdamey Blog for more wig knowledge and hair tips.

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